WVD-USA Application Process

Groups wishing to host a World Vitiligo Day – USA conference must meet the written criteria below and must complete an application to be considered as a host.

Applications will be reviewed by GVF staff and the WVD-USA Advisory Committee. Together they will come up with the best possible host for the next WVD – USA conference.

Application Timeline

Host Applications Available: 3/31/22

Applications submitted by: 5/30/22    11:59:59 PM CT

Notification to groups: on or around 6/20/22

Countdown to application deadline

Hosting Criteria

  1. The host committee must consist of at least 6 members.
  2. The host city must be easily accessible from a major airport that is a direct flight from most major cities.
  3. The host group must be able to supply at least 10 volunteers for the duration of the meeting.
  4. The chairs/co-chairs must be able and willing to coordinate work with the GVF staff.

About the online application

  • The button above will take you to a website where you may submit an online application.
  • You will need to create an account.
  • You will be able to work on the application and save it as you go.
  • You must hit the “Submit” button when your application is complete and before the deadline.
  • Questions about the application? Contact Us

Application Question Examples

  • General contact information for chair/co-chair
  • Group information – when the group was formed, social media presence, website, etc.
  • Name and contact information for a medical/mental health professional who advises the group
  • Group Roster with names, email, and mailing addresses
  • Proposed event dates
  • Draft schedule
  • Potential hotel properties
  • Why does your group want to host the WVD-USA Conference?
  • How does your group support and align with the GVF missions and vision?

Review Criteria

  • Overall quality of the application
    • Does it include all of the requested information?
    • Do they meet the criteria? If not, is that acceptable?
    • Professionalism of the application (spelling, content, punctuation, etc.)
  • Meeting elements
    • Topics covered in the meeting
    • Proposed facilities
    • Proposed schedule
    • Quality of proposed speakers
  • Geographic location
  • Professional support (is the groups supported by a physician or other health care professional)
  • Does the group support and align with the GVF mission and vision?
  • Does the group have a realistic expectation of the time and resources need to fulfill their obligation as the host group?

Global Vitiligo Foundation (GVF) Support

The hosting committee will work with the Global Vitiligo Foundation (GVF) staff to develop the conference.  The staff will work with the local host on all areas of the conference. Below is a distribution of responsibilities document that outlines the distribution of work between GVF staff and the host committee.

Conference Registration
Responsible Party
Create and manage timeline for the eventGVF & Local Host
Serve as the registration management office
Enter all paper registrations into online database
Track meal preferences and special needs
Accept registration calls from attendees

Allow access to registration data 24/7GVF & Local Host
Build custom online registration forms and questions
Collect specific information on event attendees via Registration123
Categorize attendees by user registration type (e.g.: speakers, attendees, exhibitors, etc.)
Develop registration pricing based on user registration types and early-bird dates
Instantly authorize and process credit card via GVF merchant account and check payments
Proofread and quality control all registration data to ensure accuracy
Act as the registration administrative arm for event
Act as the registration information base for written and/or telephone inquiries
Email correspondence to individual attendees or full list of attendees composed by administrator
Provide toll free and standard phone lines, and answer phones–Monday-Friday from 8:00am (CT) to 5:00pm (CT), excluding holidays
Accept telephone calls from attendees, answer questions, or direct attendee to appropriate party
E-mail registration information to attendees
Secure name badge holders and paper stock
Manage onsite registration desk
Staff onsite registration desk

Local Host
Hotel and VendorsResponsible Party
Select a venue for the eventGVF & Local Host
Manage payments from the GVF bank account to the hotel and vendor(s) as need
Negotiate a contract with the hotel and other vendors
Negotiate favorable room block rates
Negotiate fair attrition and cancellation clauses
Make sure rooms and meals are provided as negotiated in the contract
Coordinate free and discounted rooms for staff and speakers
Coordinate and manage meeting room set up
Contract, Coordinate and manage AV needs and staff
Contract, Coordinate and manage give away items (as needed- pens, bags,etc.)
GVF & Local Host
Marketing, Communications and AgendaGVF & Local Host
Build website with e-Commerce consistent with brand
Design and print final program book, as needed
Design and send conference related emails to attendees and speakers
Design and send “Know before you go” emails
Design email and send hotel block availability information to attendees
Design and send post meeting evaluations to participants
Design powerpoint template for speakers
Provide content for final program
Recruit speakers
Develop meeting agenda/schedule
Develop meeting theme
Work with the Local Hosts to determine the schedule of events (Slot speakers and other events as needed)
GVF & Local Host
SponsorshipResponsible Party
Accept sponsorship donations
Complete grant and sponsorship applications, as needed
Design and print onsite sponsor recognition posters
Post meeting sponsor thank you communicationGVF & Local Host
General AdministrationResponsible Party
Design and print onsite directional signs
Design and print onsite podium sign
FinancialResponsible Party
Process payments received
Process credit card payments via gateway
Compile statistics and financial information reports for weekly, at the end of the meeting or as needed
Process on-site registrations
Deposit on-site registration funds received
Maintain accounting of the meeting in accordance with best practices
Provide all requested receipts, invoices or other financial documentation as requested by GVF, its accounting staff, or auditors. Local Host