WVD History

We all come from something and World Vitiligo Day – USA is no different. We were not the first, and we hope we are not the last, to learn, share and celebrate vitiligo each year.

To learn more about the history of the worldwide phenomenon known as World Vitiligo Day, click here.

2020 WVD - USA

Join us in Minneapolis, MN as the Minnesota VITFriends hosts this years World Vitiligo Day – USA celebration June 26-28, 2020.

Registration is open! To register or learn more about this year’s celebration go to 2020.wvdusa.org .

Do you want to host the next WVD - USA event in 2021?

WVD – USA is a patient-centric conference where our mission is central. We are looking for a support group to host next year’s conference and help us live our mission To create a safe space for those affected by vitiligo to learn, share and celebrate.

To learn more about hosting the conference and partnering with the Global Vitiligo Foundation (GVF), click here.

Countdown to 2021 Application Deadline (5/15/20)