World Vitiligo Day – USA 2022: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Hosted By: Minnestota VITFriends

Led By: Alicia Roufs


2022 Weekend Schedule (PDF)

Friday, June 24

The weekend began with Friday night registration and vendor tables, fostering the reconnection of old friends and the forging of new friendships. Later in the evening, attendees enjoyed a preview of the documentary “More Than Our Skin,” followed by an engaging panel discussion. The night concluded with separate group discussions for both men and women.

Saturday June 25

On Saturday, the day commenced with a concise overview of WVD-USA’s history by Alicia Roufs, and updates on the Global Vitiligo Foundation were presented by President Dr. Amit Pandya. The Vitiligo Community Update featured Kimberly Boyd, VP of Vitiligo Support, and Global Vitiligo Foundation Treasurer Dr. Richard Huggins. MyVitiligoTeam’s CEO, Eric Peacock, provided a brief presentation. The Keynote Presentation titled “Check Your Life: Be Limitless” was delivered by Dr. James Williams. Following the always popular group photo, sessions were tailored for various audiences, including parents, siblings, significant others, youth, and adults.

The morning continued with updates from AAD and VIPOC. During lunch, attendees had the chance to mingle or participate in a discussion on racial violence. Meanwhile, youth enjoyed a group trip to the Mall of America. Simultaneously, adults received updates on therapies from Dr. Amit Pandya, laser and phototherapies from Dr. Mohiba Tareen, and surgical options from Dr. Iltefat Hamzavi. Dr. John Harris presented on New Discoveries and Latest Breakthroughs, Dr. Rosmarin provided an overview of the FDA Process, Ms. Loretta Bush discussed the importance of Sunscreen, Skincare, and Protective Clothing, and Ms. Rebekah Mayer and Mr. David Thorn covered Vitiligo & Nutrition. The educational sessions concluded with a Q&A session with physicians and nutritionists.

Saturday concluded with the Incyte Ingenuity Awards, recognition, “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader: Minnesota Style,” a comedy show, and festivities featuring a DJ and dancing!

Sunday, June 26

Sunday kicked off with breakfast buffet with friends. After breakfast, Dr. Richard Huggins delved into the Quality of Life Research on Kids with Vitiligo, setting the stage for an inspiring presentation by Prianka Franics and Mallory Hassbit. These two children shared their personal experiences with Vitiligo, adding a heartfelt touch to the conference. The event concluded with closing remarks from Alicia Roufs.